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Edmunds St. John Gamay Noir Porphyry Barsotti Ranch

Edmunds St. John Gamay Noir Porphyry Barsotti Ranch

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Wine Style: Red Still Wine
Winemaker's Notes:

Grape Varietal: Gamay Noir

Working with a young vineyard, in its first couple of seasons, it's hard to know just how reliable the impressions are that one has about the wines it produces. When they're young, vines need to channel a lot of their energy and vigor into their roots, so the crop needs to be kept small, and a small crop ripens differently than a larger one. It's not a bad time to experiment, since, essentially, that's what you're doing anyway. In 2007 we only had two bins of Gamay from Barsotti, so I didn't de-stem. In '08 there were 8 bins, so I did. Plenty to think about.

Barsotti Ranch, just to the North of Camino, at a bit over 3,000 feet elevation. The soils where we planted Gamay at Barsotti are composed, in large part, of decomposed granite, for which Gamay, in France's Beaujolais region, has a compelling affinity. It seems to work here, too! The fruit we've gotten in the first couple of years has been particularly characterful, giving wines that have us excited for the future.

Moderately dark purply red, fresh nose of raspberry and a whisper of fennel. Intense on the palate, with very lively acidity,bright raspberry flavors, and a splendid wave of fine tannins framing a lengthy finish. Begs for flavorful food. Production: 220 Cases Produced.


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